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Sources for Materials 
Sources for "Ready Made" Telescope Mirrors and Telescope Eyepieces: 
    Coulter Optical 
    1781 Primrose Lane 
    West Palm Beach, Flordia 
    1-561-795-2201 (Tele) 
    1-561-795-9889 (Fax) (Email) (URL) 

    Orion Telescopes & Binoculars
    89 Hangar Way, Watsonville, CA 95076
    P.O. Box 1815, Santa Cruz, CA. 95061-1815
    Inside & Outside CA phone: (800) 447-1001 (Tele) (URL)

    Williman-Bell Inc. 
    PO Box 35035 
    Richmond, Virginia 23235 
    1-804-320-7016 (Tele) 

    Stargazer Steve 
    1752 Rutherglen Circle 
    Sudbury, Ontario 

    University Optics Inc. 
    PO Box 1205 
    Ann Arbor, Michigan 

    Newport Glass Works Ltd. 
    1629 Monrovia Ave. 
    Costa Mesa, Ca. 
    1-714-642-9980 (Tele) 
    1-714-642-4832 (Fax) (Email) (URL) 

    Nova Optical Systems 
    PO Box 80062 
    Cornish, Utah 
    1-802-258-5699 (Tele) (Email) (URL) 

Sources for Coatings 
    QSP Optical Technology Inc. 
    1712-F Newport Circle 
    Santa Ana, Ca. 
    1-714-557-2299 (Tele) 
    1-714-557-2170 (Fax) (URL) 

    Precision Applied Products 
    418 Rumsey Place 
    Placentia, California 
    1-714-738-4775 (Tele) 
    1-714-738-5145 (Fax) 

    P.A. Clausing, Inc. 
    8038 Monticello Avenue 
    Skoke, Il. 
    1-847-676-0330 (Tele) 
    1-847-676-2930 (Fax) 

Sources for mirror blanks and other mirror-making supplies: 
    Willman-Bell, Inc. 
    P.O. Box 35035 
    Richmond, Virginia 23235 
    (804) 320-7016 
Call or write for catalog.
    Newport Glass 
    1631 Monrovia Avenue 
    Costa Mesa CA 92627 
    (714) 642-9980 
Call or write for telescope-supply catalog.

John Dobsonís Telescope-Building Video 

This 90 minute, full color video is John Dobsonís personal guide to making astronomical telescopes--8 inch to 16 inch apertures and larger. Every part of the telescope-making process is shown in detail, from making the mirror (grinding, making the pitch lap, polishing, testing the focal length, reading the mirror curve, figuring, etc.) to building the mount (including special instructions for mounts and mirror-support systems for apertures 16" and larger.) Free color flier available on request.
Price per tape: $39.95 
Shipping per tape: $3.50 
CA residents add $3.40 sales tax. 
Total Per Tape (except CA) $43.45
Total Per Tape (CA only) $46.85 
Make check or money order payable to: 
Dobson AstroInitiatives
Remember to include your shipping address! 
Mail to: 
Dobson Astro Initiatives 
P.O. Box 460915 
San Francisco, CA 94146-0915

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